CD update: we’re close!

Since my last entry, we have mixed all the songs on the new CD. I have also played it for a few people. When I was making the CD, I thought it was extremely “commercial” sounding, but this is not the response I’m getting at all. I am way too close to the music to have any rational sense of what it is like. It will be very interesting when it is finally released to see what the response is. If any of you, loyal readers, end up owning the CD, I invite you in advance to tell me your reactions to it, positive or negative.

Next steps: I’m giving it a little rest, then going back into the studio for final mixing touch-ups. Is the snare drum hit too loud, the bass too soft, the horn too out of tune? We can fix all that stuff*. Then, Mike the Mixer will master the CD. This is a process that is somewhat of a mystery to me, but part of it involves making sure the volume levels are the same on every track. The object here is not to make everything the same, but rather to avoid the situation where you turn one track up really loud because it’s hard to hear, and the next track fries your speakers and your eardrums.

After the disc is mastered, I will start shopping it around to labels. I have no idea what this is like, having never done it. And that’s what is fun about this project – I’ve never done any of this before. So I guess you’ll have to stay tuned and read all about it step by step.


*You may have heard of “auto-tune,” a pitch correcting app that is now used extensively in the pop world. We are NOT using auto-tune. Shall I repeat that? NOT using it. However, we did use an app to correct the pitch of one note that I had recorded egregiously out of tune.

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