New CD

In the fall, I applied for and received two months of summer salary to record a solo CD. This is incredible: I will get paid to make my recording! Quite unusual in my world. At any rate, here is the project: I’ll be composing and recording all the music myself, here at my house. It is all going to be run through my electronics, and the music will be basically written and played in a rock style. It’s going to be a rock and roll album played by a solo French horn. Go figure.

The plan is first to create some homegrown sounds with which to build a “drum set.” My software has very good drum sounds built in, but I want to use hand made sounds, mostly but not entirely using the horn. Various kinds of scraping and whacking the instrument will be incorporated. My son can make a very loud tongue click on a few different pitches, and that will definitely be part of it. And any kind of body percussion and also hitting “objets trouvés” will be permitted (these are my own semi-arbitrary ground rules).

Next, I need to write the songs. I’ve got some sketches already. Some of the music will emanate out of improvisations I do. Everything I play will get recorded by the electronics software, so a kind of experimental composition can develop, wherein an idea I play can then turn into a piece of music without a note ever being written down.

By the way, I have never done anything like this before, which is what will make it exciting.  And which is why I’m blogging about it. I’m hoping to keep a kind of blog journal of the process, and those of my army of readers who find this a boring topic, feel free to tune out.

Meanwhile, the first thing to report is that my official duties as a professor end tomorrow, and already I have brought all my gear home from my office at the university and set it up in my chosen recording room. I will continue reporting in as often as there is something to report.

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