New Songs

I’m making a real study of Ableton Live this summer, because I’ll be teaching a class on it in the fall. For those of you who aren’t up on this stuff (namely most of you), this is software that does sound processing and looping through the computer. I also have two hardware pedals: a wah-wah guitar pedal and a pedal that doubles the pitch down one two octaves, and adds distortion if you ask nicely.

With this equipment, I’ve come up with some “songs” (in quotes because they are really just improvisations) that I’ve posted on my website. What’s fun about this stuff is that, when the horn sounds different, I play different stuff. As you’ll see if you go listen (link is coming up in a minute), the sound in Raga is kind of Indian and the sound in Muezzin is kind of Middle Eastern. In both of them I play over a drone which I made courtesy of the looping function in Ableton (I can play a long note and make a loop out of it to create a drone).

I also have a band called Gretzler with my colleague Mark Hetzler at UW, and I’ve posted a tune, randomly named Ophelia’s Song, from our debut concert this past winter (2013).

Here’s the link:

If you happen to go listen, let me know what you think. Like it or hate it, I’d be interested in your reactions.

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