One of my colleagues at UW Madison is Mark Hetzler, a super talented trombone player who is wide open to any new musical ideas. Together we have formed a band called Gretzler. We will write or arrange all the music, and perform with live electronics. This leaves us with two problems.

Problem 1: writing the music. I’ve written a bunch of “tunes” for us, ranging in length from maybe 18 seconds to maybe a minute and a half. That’s not much music. We want all the music to have some commercial appeal, meaning that you would listen to it and would hopefully like it right off the bat. Do I know how to write this kind of stuff? No, but I’m trying to learn.

Problem 2: we have to learn how to use electronics. In Mark’s case, that means tons of effects pedals, like a guitarist has. I’ve gone a different direction, investing in a computer program called Ableton Live that does live looping through the computer and has all kinds of effects built into the program.

I’ll be blogging periodically about my (and our) progress. For now, that’s the project. Stay tuned.

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1 Response to Electronica

  1. nuoboe says:

    Put me down for a copy of your first album. Will it be LP? CD? Download-only? Or an APP? I’d go for the app a la Lady Gaga.
    I ❤ your blog.
    (That's a heart. Or an ice cream cone if you prefer.)

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