Opera Blog, part 8 the final

The deed is done. The performance went off without a hitch. Well, maybe a little hitch here and there, but it went great. The singers were great, the video was perfect, the band played its collective butt off. A week of hard work, on top of over a decade of work, has paid off.

By the way, it is really fun to play a concert.

Thanks for reading the play-by-play of this project. Feel free to stay with me as I blog about a big range of topics. And please comment if you have something to say back.

One more thing: tonight’s music watching back at the house was a King Crimson concert from 2003 on DVD. King Crimson has been around a long time, with plenty of personnel changes, but this iteration was probably the final one, as it is rumored that Robert Fripp won’t be going out on tour any more. It was both humbling and exciting to watch the concert. Fripp is not only a guitar virtuoso, but his command and use of electronics is monumental. The technology has become a part of the instrument for him. The bass player, Trey Gunn, plays two different instruments, neither of them a traditional bass, both with at least 9 strings, and he is flawless. At one point he plays them both at once. The drummer is Pat Mastelotto, and he is great. And Adrian Belew is an incredible performer: great guitarist, amazing singer, and oozing charisma and stage presence. Interestingly, we met him after a concert we heard by King Crimson a number of years ago, and he seemed like a quiet, kind of nerdy guy, but on stage he is explosive.

If anybody is going to be near Middlebury, VT, on Sunday, October 2, please come see Lotus Lives.

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2 Responses to Opera Blog, part 8 the final

  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks so much for blogging your way through putting Lotus Lives together. I’ve really enjoyed sharing the journey with you. Wish I could time-travel my way up to Middlebury tomorrow to see the performance.

  2. Anne Babson says:

    I just want to say again how much it pleased me to hear you play in this opera,and you were PERFECT in your skit part. You and the Meridians are seriously fabulous for embracing this project with Su and with me.

    Best wishes in the next performance!

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