Opera blog, part 3

It’s 7:20PM, and I am waiting for our 7PM rehearsal to start. Tempers have been running a little short (you know it’s chamber music when people start yelling at each other). One person has been cool, calm, and collected the whole time, and that is the composer, Su Lian Tan. She has written a wonderful piece, and she is infusing the spirit of confidence into everything we do.

I am looking onto the stage at the star of the show, Brenda Patterson, who is a wonderful singer. She is in Chinese opera regalia, and is unrecognizable. Opera is about transforming everyday life into something special, and every aspect of it works together to do that. There is a still image of a dragon projected on a screen above the stage. The combination of the instruments (including a large percussion setup) on stage, the small set, and the screen above, is very cool to look at.

Time to start.

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