Opera Blog, part 2

Still the first day, now at 6:50PM. We have rehearsed with only the Meridians, and we have rehearsed with the singers. We have moved the instrumental setup to the side of the stage to make room for the singers and whatever they will be doing on the other side. Tonight, we will be blocking with the director. That means we will be figuring out who goes where when. That’s why we moved the setup this afternoon: if the director wants a different setup, we would like to know now so we can get used to our spots.

This afternoon, Tim Bartlett, the videographer, ran through all the video sets for the show. There is some shadow puppetry, some plain old cool effects (a small desk in front of a wall becomes a dressing room when bright circular lights are projected on the wall, like the lights in a dressing room). The tango scene is great to watch.

Wagner’s idea, in his opera, was that all the arts came together to tell the grand story of mankind. I would never make such a lofty claim for our opera, but it IS quite satisfying to see the joining of at least a few realms (instrumental music, singing, dance, video, puppetry, special effects) into this rather diffuse story.

With about 5 hours of rehearsal under our belts so far today, everyone is coming into tonight with a certain (high) degree of fatigue. At the same time, it is pretty invigorating to witness this thing coming together.

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1 Response to Opera Blog, part 2

  1. Meg Lamm says:

    I’d like to subscribe to this fantastic blog and see what happens on day 3!

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