When it is above about 74 degrees I am dying of the heat. When it is below around 62 I am dying of the cold. Should I conclude that humans evolved to live in a climate with a range of 12 degrees, or that I am an evolutionary failure, or that I have a terrible illness, or am I just a kvetchy person?

And one more question about evolution. Are we really supposed to be washing our skin and hair with soap 100 times a day (or once a day for shampoo)? It makes more sense to me that the build-up (let’s not think too hard about this) on our skin and hair is part of the system, not part of the problem. As I am about to start a new job, I will hold off on practical research on this topic until and if I get tenure.

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1 Response to Evolution

  1. What this proves is that you are somehow genetically related to my wife. In the spring, when the temp hits 73, she pops on the AC. In the fall, when it drops below 68, she kicks on the heat. so, her range is more like 5 degrees.

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